Grödingebanan EklundshovEklundshov, Grödingebanan.Foto: Karin Gustafsson (CC BY)

Grödinge line, Södertörn

Södertörn – interdisciplinary investigations of Stone Age sites in eastern middle Sweden. The results from the investigations for the Grödinge line in the Södertörn peninsula.

The publication has three major parts:

  • Chapter 1–4: General Introduction, Synthesis and Evaluations
  • Chapter 5–15: Thematic Studies
  • Chapter 16–19: Presentation of Excavated Sites

The Publication

Texts will be published in English and the chapters 1–4 are planned to be printed. Åkerlund, Agneta; Olsson, Eva; Gustafsson, Per & Miller, Urve (eds.)

General introduction
  • Chapter 1. Perspectives and Strategy
  • Chapter 2. Background
  • Chapter 3. Man and Time – Man and Space
  • Chapter 4. Evaluations and Reflections on Strategies and Methods Used
Thematic studies
Presentation of excavated settlement sites

Kontakt: Johan Anund, regionchef Stockholm/Uppsala

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The Grödinge Project – information about The Grödinge line and the publication Södertörn

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