An archaeological excavation of houses, gardens and workshops of the inhabitants of Stockholm during the old times took place on this site in the fall of 2020. 

The corner of Timmermansgatan – Sankt Paulsgatan in 1912. Photo: Oscar Heimer, 1912 (SSME030007S). Stockholms stadsmuseum.

Nowadays this site is in the middle of “Söder”, a very popular and thriving part of Stockholm. Back in the 17th century this was the outskirts of the town and the area was used for gardening. The gardens were established by the town’s wealthy citizens who cultivated fruit, vegetables and possibly even exotic plants. In the 18th century there was a beer-brewery for several generations, later followed by a tanner family in the  19th century.

All these people and their daily life and activities are of great archaeological interest and important for the historical understanding of urban life.

The site where the archaeological excavation takes place. Photo: Amanda Jeppsson, The Archaeologists